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Take Care to Protect Your Valuable Carpets When Painting In Your Home

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It's common knowledge that paint and carpeting don't mix. It's also inevitable that no matter how hard you try to protect your carpeting when painting in your home, you will most certainly end up with a few drips and splatters.

Rolling up wall-to-wall carpeting when you're doing extensive painting is just not possible, but taking care to get Oriental and other area rugs out of harms way is crucial. Rolling up and storing rugs before painting commences is a no-brainer. A few extra moments of preparation will save you from agonizing over a paint splatter on your favourite rug. You know the saying: better safe than sorry.

Talk to your painters before they start work. Make sure they understand that you expect them to be mindful of your carpeting and furniture while they are painting. Make sure they put down heavy duty plastic drop cloths over your carpeting, instead of cloth or other fabric. Paint will seep through fabric and wind up on your carpet.

If you're going the DIY route, take the time necessary to follow the same steps; don't scrimp on protecting your carpets. Talk to professionals at your local hardware store about which type of paint you should be using, and the best drop cloths to use to protect your carpet.

In the worst case scenario, there is paint on your carpet and you're panicking. STOP. Pick up the phone and call 1 (866) 488-3828 and make an appointment for Carpet Cleaning Services. Today's interior house paints are easier to remove from carpet than the ones that were used years ago. If you have Professional Carpet Cleaning Service performed as quickly as possible, no one will ever know you had a painting mishap in your home. The key is to act quickly.

Remember to be proactive in your preparations. Move as much furniture out of the way as possible and take every possible precaution with your carpeting. If you haven't had your carpets cleaned in a long time, it might be a good excuse to have Carpet Cleaning Services performed. A fresh coat of paint and clean carpets is the rejuvenating face-lift your home needs to look its best.

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"My husband and I were so impressed with the work..." - 5 out of 5 stars

We wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone at Carpet Cleaning Service. My husband and I were so impressed with the work that was done in our home. Our carpeting looked dull and grey before they visited but now it looks new again. We can't thank you enough for everything!

Susanne and Michael Hiller, Toronto (Ontario), March 24, 2013

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"I was really impressed with the staff..." - 5 out of 5 stars

I was really impressed with the staff from Carpet Cleaning Service. Someone came by my home today and they were wonderful. I appreciated their punctuality, professionalism, and the quality results. My carpets have never looked better. Thanks so much.

Darren Lugoway,North York (Ontario),March 8, 2014

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I am so grateful to everyone at Carpet Cleaning Service for their hard work. My grandmother's old couch was faded and stained but their upholstery cleaning made a huge difference. It looks great now! The cleaners were polite and helpful, too. I couldn't have asked for more.

T. Linden,Thornhill (Ontario),May 6, 2014

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Thank you very much. After having our furniture professionally cleaned, my family and I have noticed a change in the way it looks, feels, and smells. We wanted to show our appreciation to the Carpet Cleaning Service crew for all of their great work. We won't soon forget it!

Wallah Family,Vaughan (Ontario),May 20, 2014